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Chief Executive Officer Club is a club for domestic and abroad Vietnamese people who are ambitious or interested in CEO profession.

Chapter 1: Name – Functions – Mission

Article 1: Name
  • Official name: Cau lac bo Giam doc dieu hanh Viet Nam – TP.HCM
  • English name: Vietnam Chief Executive Club
  • Abbreviation: CEO Club
  • Headquarters: 33A Truong Son,Ward 04, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 08.3811 8145 – Fax: 08.38118147
  • Email: info@ceoclub.com.vn or ceoclub.hcmc@gmail.com
  • Website: http://ceoclub.com.vn or http://ceovn.org

Significance of the word CEO: CEO is the abbreviation of Chief Executive Officer in order to distinguish CEO professions from other positions with the title of “Director” in the enterprises. “Club” is an English name of “Cau lac bo”, which means a group of people united by a common goal.

Article 2: Vision – Mission – Guideline
  • CEO Club’s Vision: CEO Club’s vision is to become a prestigious social-professional organization for Vietnamese CEOs that encourages and supports upcoming generations of CEOs and to create a supply of proficient and professional CEO resources for the country.
  • CEO Club’s Mission: CEO Club is formed with the mission “Gathering Vietnamese people who are ambitious or interested in CEO profession in order to enhance management abilities, build and maintain competitive advantages through sharing knowledge and professional skills.
  • CEO Club’s Guideline: “Sharing knowledge, increasing value”
Article 3: Functions
  • To create favorable conditions for current members who are ambitious or interested in CEO profession in order to share experience, support together and improve professional skills.
  • To encourage and support capable youth generation to orient the foundation of professional CEOs in the society.
Article 4: Mission
  • Organizing programs, projects, seminars related to the exchange experiences and improve professional skills.
  • Providing information related to CEO profession, support small and medium enterprises in recruiting CEO.
  • Organizing knowledge training related to the management and operation in globalization.
  • Organizing activities related to CEO profession for capable youth generation in the society.
  • Participating in activities of Government institutions and social organizations.


Article 5: Participants

All domestic or overseas Vietnamese people, who are unlimited age and gender, are ambitious or interested in CEO profession.

Article 6: Entry procedures

All the candidates mentioned in Article 5 would like to participate in CEO Club must hand in application form (available) and receive the acceptance of CEO Club.

Article 7: Member Rights
  • Participation in all Club activities and other cooperation activities.
  • Participation in discussing, advising, voting on the Club’s activities.
  • Participation in candidacy, nomination of the Club’s Managing Board.
  • Withdrawal from the Club according to personal wish via a notice letter to the Club’s Managing Board.
Article 8: Member Obligations
  • Properly complying with the Club terms & regulations.
  • Participating in club activities.
  • Contributing, advertising and developing the Club.


Article 9:
  • All CEO Club activities are non-profit, and based on the contribution of club members, organizations and individuals.
  • The activities of CEO club rely on the core values including: “professional orientation, aiming for applicable knowledge, valuing team cooperation, knowledge utilization”.
  • CEO Club initiatively carries out activities and conforms to the law.
  • The activities of CEO Club members are voluntary, disinterested and not highly personal.
Article 10:
  • The Club’s Managing Board is the highest decision-making authority. The Managing Board adopts all decisions according to the principle of more than half of the votes.
  • The Club’s Managing Board has annual meetings to decide the problems.
  • Organizing the CEO Club.
  • Orienting the Club’s annual activities.
  • Electing, dismissing the Club’s Managing Board.
  • When necessary, the club’s Board of Representatives might convene the Managing Board for an extraordinary meeting.
Article 11:
  • The Club’s Board Representative, is elected by the Board Administration, as a part of CEO Club mainly focuses on proposing and organizing all activities according to the course of action which is decided by the Board Administration.
  • The Club’s Board Representatives adopt all decision according to the principle of more than half of the votes.
  • The term of CEO Club’s Board of Representatives is 02 years.
  • The structure of the Board of Representatives consists of 10 people: 01 Chairman, 03 Vice Chairmen, 01 secretary-general, and 05 commissioners.
  • The Club Board of Representatives decides to establish Boards of Specialties to assist the Board of Representatives.


Article 12:
  • This Regulation is adopted by all CEO Club members effective from 09th January 2007.
  • CEO Club’s Managing Board is responsible for instructing this regulation.
  • Any modification or supplement must be approved by the Club’s Broad Administration.
  • All club members must strictly comply with Regulations including modification or supplement (if any).

Vietnam Chief Executive Officer
On Behalf of the Management Board

Minh Phuong, Dang

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  • 33A Trường Sơn, Phường 4, Quận Tân Bình, TP. HCM, Việt Nam
  • +84 8 3811 8145
  • +84 8 3811 8147
  • info@ceoclub.com.vn
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  • +84 913 653 565
  • +84 913 922 928